Switched On Security members posses a wealth of knowledge related to the role of close-protection specialists. 

Extensive police based training, and experience have prepared Switched On Security members to be aware of their surroundings, discerning of individuals, and tactful in escaping from threats.

Part of our success as close-protection specialists is due to Switched On Security's ability to form professional relationships with our principles. 

We take great care in mentoring clients prior to, and following events, letting them know what to expect, and what will happen if a situation needs to be avoided.

An imperative component of providing good close-protection services is conducting thorough advance work. 

Advance personnel is vital to the success of any detail. SOS personnel incorporate tactful thinking in event preparation, arranging for surreptitious arrivals and departures.

Evaluating the safest ingress and egress routes at events as well as assessing/recommending main and alternative transportation routes.

Close Protection Body Guard Specialists

Close Protection

The objective of Switched On Security drivers is getting the client from location A to B and return in a safe and secure manner by utilizing “economy of movement” routes.

SOS Drivers have policing backgrounds and have partaken in furthering their driving abilities by successfully completing specialized driving courses.

The following are some of the techniques SOS drivers posses: bad weather handling and skid control, choke-point avoidance, anti-ambush techniques, and car-barricade breaching.

In addition to this knowledge, SOS Protection Drivers are able to stay calm, proactive and effective during a driving crisis.

Protection Drivers

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